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When you contact Canada Business Sellers you have comfort knowing that all conversations are strictly confidential. Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk 100%, guarantee.

Guarantee 1-Best Representation

Canada Business Sellers will represent you with the utmost profession- alism and representation. Our only goal is to bring interested clientele o your attention and begin the negotiation process. We will always attempt to get you the best deal possible.

Guarantee 2-Discretion

At Canada Business Sellers we understand that your business reputation e will use the most resourceful and most effective forms of advertising on is integral on the sale of your business. Keeping all of your business he market today. sellers fill in a discreet non -disclosure which protects you from anyone revealing anything about your company.

Guarantee 3-Aggressive Exposure and advertising

Using cutting edge technology can get your business sold decisions and moves discreet is absolulty integral. All of our potential much faster than conventional matters.

Selling your business at the highest value

We know that there are no shortcuts to your success. Selling your business quickly, confidentially and at the highest value takes persistence, professionalism and experience, backed by a high level of service and resources.

Sell your business confidentially

Our goal is clear: to sell your business confidentially, quickly and for the maximum money. All you have to do is call us at 416-708-8455 for a high level of professional service which is confidential, personal and friendly.

Free no obligation confidential business valuation

We would be pleased to carry out a free market valuation of your business. Simply phone us at 416-708-8455 to arrange an appointment with an experienced business analyst. This offer is made without any obligation and is completely free.

Professional, friendly and personal service

We provide you with a professional, friendly and personal service. Our national team has completed many valuations each year, giving you our detailed knowledge of the business market. We consistently achieve the maximum value for our clients, with the added reassurance of our experience, commitment and expertise.

Maximizing your business sale price

Put plainly, Canada Business Sellers specializes in the sale of businesses, focusing on maximizing the price achieved for your business quickly, easily, confidentially and for the maximum value. We are passionate about delivering the maximum value for you, with nearly 20 years of experience in the successful completion of the sale of businesses, with the skills and resources to capitalize on the sale value of your business.

Successful sale of businesses

We have managed the successful sale of numerous businesses. We are dedicated to helping our clients maximize the price achieved for their business.


Canada Business Sellers makes selling an educated process, doing everything from marketing to our registered buyers, advertising, both nationally and internationally in the following media sectors:

· The Sunday Times

· Toronto Sun

· The Times

· Other specialist trade journals

· National and International websites

· Over 140 other international and local partner websites.


Our advanced research and advertising tools gain the eye of the next potential buyer. Contact us to learn more about our relentless marketing. Canada Business Sellers continuing efforts delivers the maximum potential buyers every month. For many of our clients, buying or selling a business is likely to be something they do only once during their lives. We are able to call on a wealth of expertise and experience in all manners of businesses sales, while recognizing the need to provide a highly personalized, individual approach.


We can market your business without your employees, customers or competitors knowing that the business is for sale. We can discuss the fundamentals of your business and of the proposed sale without releasing your business name. Before identifying the business to a buyer, the buyer signs a legally binding confidentiality agreement to protect your trade secrets. This is very important to smooth successful continuation of trade during the sales period. We will assist you in protecting confidentiality by preparing a non-disclosure agreement (confidentiality agreement) to bind prospective purchasers.

Market appraisal

Our professionals have advised hundreds of business owners on their business valuation and its’ salability guiding our clients through all stages of the sale process. We assist them in analyzing offers, structuring the transaction and developing their preferred negotiating strategy. You will need to know how much your business is worth; so to start we will visit you, prepare a free market appraisal of your business and assist you in arriving at the maximum sales price.

Tangible assets of your business

Our market appraisal approach assesses the tangible assets of your business such as premises, machinery and employees while considering the value of your intangible assets, brand, client base, marketplace, reputation, goodwill, unique selling advantage, uniqueness of your products and/or services and the distinguishability of your business. Other factors such as multiples of adjusted profits, entry cost valuations are also taken into consideration.

Preparation of the Sales Memorandum

Canada Business Sellers will prepare an outline Sales Memorandum showing the history, strengths and profile of your business without identifying your company. You then approve this thorough Sales Memorandum, which best presents the prospects and opportunities offered by your business to potential purchasers.

The marketing plan

This is our plan of action, starting with the preparation of the Sales Memorandum, appraising the business, researching and identifying the prospective purchasers. Communication includes everything from contact directly with the principal decision-maker of the prospective purchaser, premium regular advertising in prestigious publications to public relations and the Internet. In addition to where we advertise the opportunity, we consider how frequently potential purchasers need to receive it.

Database of buyers

We position your business to maximize interest in the market and develop a broad target list of both national and international strategic buyers Our proven process has been perfected with 20 years of experience producing outstanding results for our clients. We keep detailed records of every active prospective buyer that has passed through our process. This database holds over 10,000 registered potential purchasers seeking suitable business opportunities. The records include the kind of business by SIC code, size, geographical area, and amount of funds available. Through our research on our database, we frequently find the potential trade purchasers that are both willing and able purchasers.

Disclosure Statement

We will prepare for you a Disclosure Statement to assist in protecting your representations, pertinent to the accuracy of all matters and to the provisions of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

Negotiations and guiding the sale

We are the experts in handling your negotiations. We will work to get you the best possible deal. We have been through the process on many occasions and can guide you to a path that helps avoid the pitfalls and potential problems. We know how to capitalize on your strengths and minimize the weaknesses of any deal, making your sale happen.

Financing of the sale

Our dedicated transaction support team has a wealth of experience helping track the most suitable sources of finance for the purchase of your business personal capital, bank overdraft, long-term commercial loans & mortgages, national and regional agencies, venture capital and/or equity capital.

Heads of agreement

We assist in preparing the principal terms of the offer as agreed between acquirer and vendor.

Coordination of advisors

You usually have existing relationships with solicitors, financial planners and accountants. Working together with these advisors, we facilitate bringing a team focused on meeting your goals in the successful completion of the sale process.

Leading the negotiations

When the transaction is in progress, we lead the negotiations providing a focal point for all communication. We work beside you as active participants or simply provide behind-the-scenes advice on the deal as it progresses. If you are considering a sale of your business and would like a free no obligation valuation of your business, call us at 416-708-8455.